About us

Viet traffic construction joint stock company was established based on the human resources who have worked for the companies in the field of electrical and automation, environment (Waste water, waste, .. ), Road transport.

Vietnam Transport Construction Joint Stock Company operates in four main areas:

Roadblock paints, traffic paints, reflective thermal paints, signboards and corrugated cardboard - Wastewater treatment - Supply of materials and equipment - Industrial electricity, electricity and automation

  1. Designing, supplying equipment and executing electrical system, automation, telephone exchange, fire protection system. Implement projects to supply and install generators with capacity from 1kVA to 1000kVA. Central air conditioning system. Light electrical system (computer network, telecommunications). Especially designed and installed CCTV system with the responsibility to prevent theft ...
  2. Road traffic: Construction of walls, orchids, corrugated iron. Lan rails, separators. Supply and installation of traffic signs. Road paint paints, traffic paint of all kinds, heat reflective plastic paint, car line painters paintings, paint line factory paintings, line drawers driving tests, golf course painters, paint lines for internal roads Foreign factories such as Yusen Logicstics Solutions, Unigen, Denso, Intops, etc. Implemented the basement categories including: Colored panel, backstop, slope, convex mirror, basement warning sign This is one of the strengths of Viet Nam Transport Construction Joint Stock Company, products and services of Viet Nam Transport Construction Joint stock Company which meets the National Technical Regulation on Newspaper. Roadmark QCVN 41: 2012 / BGTVT and meet international standards such as BS3262, AASHTO.
  3. Wastewater treatment: With our advanced wastewater treatment technology, we will provide our customers with an optimal technology solution to achieve the standard wastewater discharge..
  4. Materials and equipment: Viet Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company supplies equipment including transformer station, generator, CCTV, fire protection, telephone exchange, telecommunication network equipment, By the water sector. Viet Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company is also the main distribution agent for tiles, decorative tiles, sanitary wares, glass mirrors, etc. Especially, Viet Transport Construction JSC is a big supplier of all kinds Road marking equipment includes: Paint boilers, paint spreaders, paint spreaders. Viet Transportation Construction Joint Stock Company provides all kinds of thermoplastic paints, glues, glass beads.

Currently, Viet Transport Construction Joint Stock Company is implementing projects of designing, supplying equipment and installing power supply projects for office buildings, civil, industrial and system works. Lighting, lightning protection systems for civil and industrial projects. Construction of road marking paints, traffic paint, reflective heat reflective plaster, traffic sign, soft lantern, corrugated iron, road bridge railings. Implement projects on waste water treatment, especially hospital wastewater treatment, industrial zones, industrial complexes, hotels, resorts, ...

With the prestige criteria, quality and good staff, trained professional, perfect service, reasonable price. Hoang Phu Company will ensure to our customers the best results in the areas of customer interest.

Along with the development of the country, beside the goal of economic development for enterprises in particular, Vietnam Transport Construction Joint Stock Company wishes to promote the objectives of economic, social and cultural development in general, Contribute to the overall development of the country.