Reflective heat reflecting plastic - the solution for road traffic

With the great development of the Vietnamese economy, more and more large constructions, expanded roads and transcontinental highways were born. And more modern, advanced equipment is applied to the road traffic system. Typically, it includes reflective thermoplastic paint. This is a traffic paint considered as a solution for road traffic to ensure safety on every journey.

Today, road markers are playing a very important role in driving traffic. Thanks to the road markers, the means of transport can be on the right track, avoiding unfortunate accidents. This is a very effective and mandatory solution in traffic guidance. Include: margins, dashes, bars, letters or numbers to guide the driver safely.

Initially, road paint traffic was easily blurred and not visible at night. It is therefore possible to improve the paint by adding chlorinated rubber to the refractory paint to create reflective thermal paints to maximize the effect of circulation.

Sơn dẻo nhiệt phản quang- giải pháp cho giao thông đường bộ

Paint the road markers

General characteristics of reflective thermoplastic paint
The cost is quite low

Very safe with the environment.
Very good adhesion
High slip resistance and very fast drying.
Observe both day and night.
With high thermal stability and stability.
Has good hardness and anti-aging
Meets the 22TCN282-02 standard
Description of reflecting thermoplastic paints:

Color: White, Yellow
Origin: Malaysia
Imported according to BS 3262 standard

Advantages of Reflective Thermal Paints:
The ability to dry quite fast
It has a very high durability that limits the aging of the sun in the hot sun and the variability of the weather.
Good melting point at about 200 degrees Celsius in specialized equipment
Excellent adhesion