Traffic paint - Reflective plastics

With the ever-expanding transportation system, more and more new roads are being opened to meet increased traffic demand. When traveling on the road, to the right lane in accordance with regulations as well as to ensure traffic safety can not be missing lines painted or painted. So what, the use of this type of traffic paint is not everyone knows. Please also HP-TECH learn about this type of plastic-reflective reflective light!
Paint is a reflective thermoplastic coating system. First introduced in the UK and Europe in the 1990s. Over the years, research and development with a team of highly qualified engineers has created a very special formula that contributes to the creation. A premium paint with high hardness and very fast drying. Nowadays, this type of paint has been and is becoming the first choice of developed countries in the world.
Traffic paint has been proven in the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and European countries, thereby reducing the incidence of accidents by up to 60%. The bar does not only provide a good view of the driver, but also creates a sound and vibration sensation, alerting the driver not to deviate from the designated road. Thereby will eliminate the unfortunate accident. Woodcuts are often used for edges or markings on expressways, central lines on major thoroughfares, lines describing island circles, V-strips to create isolation areas for vehicles .

sơn giao thông- sơn gồ nhiệt dẻo phản quang

HP-TECH road marking engineer

Specifications of wood paint:

Thickness of about 2 mm, with ripples or knots about 6-8 mm thick on the main line.
Straight line paint can vary from about 100-300 mm and the size and position of the threads can vary with width is different.
The distance between the two threads of the traffic paint is between 250-500 mm which will be optimal for visibility and vibration effects.
The position of the bar will be arranged through the mechanical control of the mechanical shutter of the set.
Effect of traffic paint - paint:
Raise the distance vision for the driver because when it comes to traffic in the dark, it is hard for drivers to fix their lane. So the ripples of the paint line will pop up over the water in the driveway so it can easily shape your going lane. This is a new innovation compared to conventional road markings, which will disappear when flooded under rainwater.
Traffic paint - high durability paint will contribute to reduce traffic accidents.
Making sound effects compels drivers to pay attention when deviating to the wrong side of the road. When the wheel goes up the lane of the bar, the driver will hear small noises and vibration sensation in the steering wheel. This will make driving the wrong road more noticeable than going on flat road markers, thus eliminating the unfortunate accident that may happen.
Thickness of the bar will cause deterioration as drivers drive on them.
Above is the technical specifications as well as the effect of traffic paint - paint. Hope the article has brought you a lot of useful information.